Rooted Within a styled shoot by Jeremy Cardiel for Rooted Swim.

The shoot takes place in the beautiful Southern California foothills, with the models posed in both the natural beauty of the forest and the architect of LA's suburbs. The atmosphere is light and airy, with the sunlight streaming through the lens to create a soft, mottled effect with a vintage twist.

The gorgeous models are wearing bikinis in three brand-new colors, each inspired by the beauty of nature. The baby pink shade, called "Peony," is a delicate and feminine hue that evokes the soft petals of a blooming peony. The bright yellow color, "Daisy," is a cheerful and sunny shade that captures the essence of a bright summer day. The electric green bikini, called "Lilypad," is a bold and vibrant hue that brings to mind the lush greenery of nature.

Throughout the shoot, the models are posed in various graceful yet assertive poses, showcasing their natural beauty and bringing out the flattery of the bikinis. The overall effect is a stunning and ethereal vision of a fairy-esque wonderland captured by the expert eye of Jeremy Cardiel.

Jeremy Cardiel @jermsportfolio


Follow Jeremy and his artistic vision @jermcardiel and @jermsportfolio.



Rooted Swim

Rooted Swim
Daisy Bandeu Rooted Swim

Rooted Swim

Daisy Mini Sarong, Daisy Bandeu Top and Peony One Piece
Medium Coverage Bikini Bottom in Lilypad
Peony One Piece
Rooted Swim

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