5 Super Easy Sustainabilty Tips

5 Super Easy Sustainabilty Tips

A sustainable lifestyle can feel impossible these days and get overwhelming FAST.

Well guess what... it doesn't have to be and you don't have to save the planet all on your own. Like most things in life, all you need to do is your best as often as you can. It makes a difference, trust.

Here are 5 Super Easy Sustainability Tips that you can start now that make a big difference.


Rooted Swim Tips to Sustainability

1. Put a reusable bag in your car. Like right now, do it before you forget.

How many times do you just run to the store real quick on the way home from work and realize you don't have your bags? It happens to us all the time.

You try to be productive and grab what you need on the way home but you don't have a bag. This is your reminder to go throw a bag in your car! A bag comes in hand for so many things, not just groceries.


2. Upcycle a glass jar

Rooted Swim Sustainability Tips

We LOVE glass jars!!! Guess what, you don't need to have perfectly matching mason jars for all your over night oats. That upcycled spaghetti jar looks just as cute and is just as effective.

Wash those jars, reuse and recycle. There's nothing like repurposing a new jar.



Rooted Swim Easy Sustainability Tips

 3. Pick up a piece of trash that isn't yours

Duh... obvious but let's be honest, when is the last time you have picked up a piece of trash that wasn't yours? Try it. Just try it once, it's life changing.



4. Shop local and seasonal produce

Rooted Swim Sustainability Tips

This tip is super great because it saves the planet and saves $$$. Shopping local and seasonal produce reduces carbon emissions and supports local economies.

A double whammy that lets you save money on groceries so you have more money to travel and do things you love!


Rooted Swim Steps towards sustainability

5. Plan your meals

Step 4 helps with this one! Take 30 minutes during the start of your week and plan out your meals.

This will help you save money and more importantly reduce food waste. Say bye bye to the rotten bag of spinach in your veggie drawer and hello planned groceries! A little planning goes a long way.


Just remember, one step at a time and every little bit truly makes a difference. You may not always be in the position to make the most sustainable choice but doing your best goes a long way.


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